_________________________________________________CONDITIONS OF PARTECIPATION


Submissions  will open  on August 17th 

All submissions must be received by 28th of September 2014



The artist may apply for participation in the competition by submitting a portfolio. 
We only accept files submitted online. 

Prepare a single compressed zip file  that contains the following completed documents:


  • Application form
  • Portfolio
  • Artwork information
  • Artist information
  • Application fee receipt






Download and complete the application form  and fill in all  parts.     DOWNLOAD FORM


All images must be numbered and named with artist’s last name, first name, title and a corresponding number code (First _Last_Title_1.jpg). The image code is the number assigned to the images for the numbering. It will identify a picture in the artwork information grid. 

The image files should be in high-quality JPEG format, and should be no smaller than 1000 pixels and 72 dpi. It is not possible to send more than 20 images.
Images  should not include text info or borders that are not part of the actual work. 

For works such as sculptures and installations, make a series of photos from various angles and with some details. For videos and performances, post the video documentation and a selection of frames.
The quality of the images is a necessary element for the purposes of publication.


Download and complete the form with information works. The portfolio script must list the title, date, medium, and dimensions, and it may also include a brief description of each work in your uploaded portfolio. The numbering on your script must correspond with the numbers of your uploaded files.     DOWNLOAD THE FORM

The documentation could be written by a critic or a curator, which will be indicated in the article only after filling in the release. DOWNLOAD THE RELEASE


Download and complete the form with a statement of your artwork and biography (your process). This is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

It’s very important that the descriptions of the documents are well done, as they may be included in the magazine. 
The documentation can be written by a critic or a curator, that will be indicated in the article, only after filling in the release.


Made in Mind is an independent publication that also gives support and contributions of its participants. It is required that applicants pay an entry fee of 10 € for the partial support of the organization’s expenses. The proceeds from entry fees will be used for design, printing, and distribution of the publication. The entry fee must be paid by credit card via PayPal. Application fees are not refundable.

To pay the entry fee, you must have a PayPal account. If you do not know this method of payment, you can learn with the links below. The procedure is very simple and is free of charge.

If you already have your PayPal account, just click on the entry fee procedure button and follow the directions. After finishing the procedure, remember to click the View link to print the printable receipt for proof of payment, to be attached to the documentation.

To learn more about the secure payment system Paypal, 
please consult this page 

If you don’t have a Paypal account, please visit this page

If you do not have a credit card to connect to a Paypal 
account please visit this page


______________________________________________________SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

We only accept files submitted online using e-mail or WeTransfer.

Through e-mail

Add the zip file prepared as written above  and send it to

Through WeTransfer 

If the file is too large to send via e-mail you may use WeTransfer. The service is  free if file size guidelines are met. 
Prepare your files as per the specifications and send them in a single compressed file.
- Connected to
- Add the zip file in WeTransfer
- Write in the recipient’s email  ( )
- Write in your e-mail
- Now you can transfer the file.

You’ll receive a notification when your material has been downloaded.






If you have any problems of compatibility with the attachment formats, please contact us at
You can also fill out the form by hand,  if you do not solve the compatibility problems.






Each Artist gives to Made in Mind the rights of reproduction of the works and texts for the realization of the magazine, the archive of applications, the publication of the artworks on the website ,  on different social media  and other forms of communication and activities of the organization.
Each Artist gives to Made in Mind the authorization to the treatment of personal data according to the “privacy law” (Legislative Decree n° 675/96 and n° 196/2003), also for data entry into data banks.
By submitting images to the competition the Entrant confirms that they are the sole author of their photo/s and that it is their own original work, and that they own the copyright and any other intellectual property rights of any images submitted.
Artists retain all rights to their photographs.




It’s very important that the documentation is complete and well done. The portfolio and information must be made in view of a possible publication. 
It is possible to present any type of proposal.

For any other information, you can contact us at


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