A new exhibition project curated by Sara van Bussel and Manuela Nobile is about to begin.
After the LOOK AT ME trilogy, which reflected on the body, the freedom of artistic expression and the world of the night through the experimentation and insertion of contemporary art in unconventional places, Contaminazioni unveils a series of exhibitions that seamlessly blend contemporary art with live music.

The concept revolves around a temporary transformation of GERMI, a cultural hub and music venue founded by the renowned band Afterhours, nestled in the heart of Milan. For one night only, selected artists will reimagine the space, not only showcasing their artworks but also curating a musical atmosphere reflective of their style. Additionally, each artist will craft a signature cocktail, served exclusively during the event.

Kicking off this innovative format is Flaminia Veronesi, presenting a collection of her intimate works and sculptures. Flaminia infuses the space with a new production that resonates with her earliest creations centered on play and its imaginative realms. With a lifelong fascination for miniatures, Flaminia constructs intricate worlds in minute dimensions, often embedded in unconventional materials like hair, furniture, or even animal backs. Her microcosm teems with life, offering viewers a parallel reality akin to childhood imaginings. Play, for Flaminia, serves as a conduit for understanding the world, bridging the gap between humans and their surroundings. Through her fictitious yet vivid world, Flaminia captures the essence of human experience and the essence of artistry—hands, dreams, playfulness, and above all, care.

The musical fusion for the premiere edition features a live performance by Delicatoni, managed by Agenzia Simpatia.

Contaminazioni will also showcase pieces from the “Lucifero” exhibition presented at the Oxilia Gallery in 2023, alongside the illuminating creations of Nassi Lamp in collaboration with Francesca de Giorgi.

FLAMINIA VERONESI. Fantasieria. Ph Angelo Guttadauro

First Edition Wednesday, April 10, 2024
6:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Germi via Cicco Simonetta 14, Milan


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