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Marika Marchese in conversation with Studio Azzurro: stands out in the realm of digital art and multimedia innovation, celebrating an extraordinary journey marked by over four decades of consistently redefining artistic expression. Founded in 1982 by Leonardo Sangiorgi, Paolo Rosa, and Fabio Cirifino, the collective has constantly expanded and has become a reference in interactive art, blending traditional art with advanced technology to create immersive experiences.

For the Container column, curated by Forme Uniche, Marco Roberto Marelli tells us about Lugano Arte e Cultura, the Center for the Arts of Lugano where visual arts, music and performing arts come together in a single place. LAC is not a building, it is an active and thriving ecosystem born to offer the territory a space for relating art and culture in all its forms.

Elena Solito in conversation with Délio Jasse, (Angola, 1980)
an unconventional photographer. Délio assembles, collects, archives and recomposes, through a process of deconstructing layering images. A slow and careful proceeding that crosses cultures, his own Angolan one, and the transient ones in which he settles.

Eva Adduci tells us the curatorial project Drifting Sides curated by Giacomo Zaza: spotlights the evolution of contemporary Italian and international conceptual research, showcasing the work of fourteen artists who joined the residency program from May to July 2023. The exhibition recreates a kind of phylogeny, tracing the evolution of conceptual research from the ‘80s up to nowadays and providing a dialogue platform between different generations, perspectives, and analyses.

For the Archiving Encounters column, Benedetta D’Ettorre tells us about James Thompson. His practice mixes sculpture and performance to engage with lost futures and failed dreams, it explores and brings to life the alternative version of unrealized histories of space. This journey started with recording the space in between the objects of the café of the Royal College of Art, to understand how the architecture and the furniture give shape to a space, and how people use it, their experience of that place.

Rebecca Delmenico tells us about Fotografiska. Renowned as one of the world’s leading photography museums, Fotografiska opened a brand-new venue in Berlin. Opening its doors on September 14, 2023, to coincide with the start of Berlin Art Week, Fotografiska offer three must- see exhibitions. spans an impressive 5,500 square meters on Oranienburger Straße, becoming the fourth installment in Fotografiska’s group, alongside Stock- holm, Tallinn, and New York.

Forme Uniche interviewed the curatorial duo composed of Sara van Bussel and Manuela Nobile.
Updating a famous interview granted by Achille Bonito Oliva to Frigidaire, we asked the curators to bare themselves, thanks to the complicity of the photographer Lady Tarin, to discover how curating is today a fundamental path, rich in skills and in need of real coherence between actions and words. The experience has become a poster produced by Made in Mind, which can be purchased in a limited series on our online shop.


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