Stefano Comensoli | Nicolò Colciago | Anna Di Prospero | Daniele Martignoni | Luca Petti | Eleonora Roaro | Spazio Gamma | Marco Scotini

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In this issue Marika Marchese in conversation with Anna Di Prospero, a young Italian photographer who pursues a vision that is free from the simple reproduction of reality and use of photography as a means of expressing ideas, feelings and visions.
For the Container column, curated by Forme Uniche, Marco Roberto Marelli tells us about two exhibitions in Nice, which tell the story of Italian art from 1960 to the present day in an unprecedented and transversal way.
Elena Solito in conversation with Stefano Comensoli and Nicolò Colciago, two contemporary explorers. Their field of action is the human landscape (industrial, city and natural). The remains of this experience are transformed into connective energies with other objects and other places, giving rise to dialogical works.
For Archiving Encounters column, a series dedicated to the exploration of archives in contemporary art practices, Benedetta D’Ettorre will explore the research of Eleonora Roaro, visual artist and researcher living and working in Milan. In her practice she mainly works with moving images, in particular videos, and archival practices.
Sofia Baldi Pighi tells us about the experience of Spazio Gamma, a bookshop and independent art space founded in Milan by Beatrice Dallavalle and Stefano Non, which thanks to a political and social sharing, have structured it on the basis of a moral architecture and an existential projectuality that blurs the boundaries between life and work.
Caterina Frulloni in conversation with Daniele Martignoni. His research focuses on the condition of the contemporary human be- ing and his contextualisation in the digital age, which the artist identifies in his progressive alienation from the Real: a sort of ‘denaturalisation’ the artist defines as due to the advent of robotics and digitalisation in communication and production processes.
Gianluca Gramolazzi in conversation whit Luca Petti: in his artistic research Luca Petti explores the relationship between human activity and nature, to point out the processes behind the practices of production and their relations to the environment. He imagines a close future where animals and plants evolve, creating new relations with other species and the environment. His sculptures weave together research, imagination and harmony.

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