Mattia Bosco | Leo Burtin | Daniele Costa | Laure Gauthier | Alice Mestriner and Ahad Moslemi | Foundation Morra Greco | Eugenio Tibaldi

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In this issue Elena Solito in conversation with Alice Mestriner and Ahad Moslemi .
Maria Valeria Dalle Vedove tells about Fondazione Morra Greco, a cultural institution founded in 2003 by Maurizio Greco Morra and exerts a decisive influence on the promotion, development and dissemination of contemporary art.
Marta Orsola Sironi in conversation with Mattia Bosco: a sculptor, a philosopher, an artist, a researcher.  He works mostly on stone blocks and wooden pieces which he finds in nature and in Carrara’s caves. His action is an action of humility, of hearing and paying attention to the main properties of the elements he’s approaching.
An inteview with Daniele Costa by Ginevra Ludovici. He began his artistic practice in 2014 focusing mainly on video. His research focuses on the knowledge of the human body in two directions of personal introspection. On the one hand, the internal functioning of the human body, based on medical-scientific insights, on the other, the human singularity, the knowledge of the individual related to their history, their world and their person.
For Archiving Encounters, the section dedicated to the exploration of archives in contemporary art practices, Benedetta D’Ettorre told us about Leo Burtin’s research.
For STREAMS, the column that comes from the desire to create a moment of reflection on social issues with established artists and professionals,  Marika Marchese invited the artist Eugenio Tibaldi, an artist who has always been attracted by marginal dynamics and aesthetics, by the complex relationship between economy and contemporary landscape.
Coral Nieto Garcia in conversation with Laure Gauthier: the work of French poet and multimedia author presents a path capable of renewing the dialogue of rejection against poetry or its negation.

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