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In this issue Marika Marchese in conversation with Ornaghi & Prestinari: Through their works and projects highlight the instability of human relationships, and the importance of know how, which can gratify and make one proud because learning and mastering something requires attention and above all time, what we often don’t give ourselves.

For the Container column, curated by Forme Uniche, Piermario De Angelis tells us about Suzanne Treister and the Arts at CERN Project, directed by Mònica Bello, centred on the Laboratory’s attendance by artists and creative people in constant dialogue with the Centre’s scientists, embodies a complex conversation between different disciplines and cultures through an international program of exchanges and collaborations.

Elena Solito in conversation with Lulù Nuti, French-Italian artist, who studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris, and lives in Rome, material carries with it an often-latent knowledge. His research starts from here, from the original, pure, raw energies such as concrete, metal, which meet other elements, and from here originate new forms.

Artificial intelligence and the need to exhibit who we are and what we do, continually raises the question, truth or fiction? Marika Marchese trieds to investigate this phenomenon through the great centres of photography in Europe.

Ginevra Ludovici in conversation with Laura Fiorio, artist working with photography, installation and relational practices. Her projects, developed through choral narratives, interact with existing archives and materials, questioning the power dynamics embedded in the editing process of images as memories, their institutionalized use and hence their critical and subversive potential.

Eva Adduci in chat with Matteo De Nando, emerging artist based in Milan. In November 2021, in the context of Walk-In Studio festival, he presented Supporters, a new exhibition format built on the collaboration with a selection of artists.


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