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The Argentinian Leandro Erlich, Galleria Continua’s artist, internationally known, began his artistic career at a very young age in conversation with Marika Marchese.
For Container section, curated by Forme Uniche, Marco Roberto Marelli speaks to us of the curatorial work of Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Swiss curator and artistic co-director of the prestigious Serpentine Gallery in London, through its unconventional exhibitions like the Kitchen Show, Museum Robert Walser’s project, the Serpentine Pavilions and more.

The dialogue that Fabrizio Ajello has proposed with the American artist David Bernstein is aimed at bringing out the funda- mental knots of his work, through a comparison on the operating methods and the research philosophy that has led him over the years to consolidate a relational work that involves handmade objects, people and spaces both public and private in a redefinition of what we could call relational art.

In this issue we present a new project: with V/SPACE we take a moment to reflect on the relation-ship between digital and real, through articles created by curators and critics. Federico Montagna inaugurates the first release.

Coral Nieto Garcia in conversation with the composers Clèment Edouard and Okto; With the development of Sound Studies during the 1990s, the question has been raised of radical change in the way of conceiving, working and perceiving sound. A sensitive territory and field of research, sound will be the prism from which to establish any object to be studied. 

For Streams, the new Made In Mind column, that comes from the desire to create a moment of reflection on social issues with established artists and professionals, we decided to interview Giuseppe Stampone: his artistic production ranges from multimedia installations, videos and drawings made with Bic pen, a technique common to several of his projects.

Pietro Ballero in conversation with Alice Labor: interview that took the shape of a long-distance conversation between Utrecht and Rome. Pietro Ballero (Turin, 1992) told us about his work from his new home in the Netherlands where he decided to move a few months ago to further his artistic research at the HKU

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