For a series of exhibitions Bello Bellissimo, Superfluo presents a new collaboration with the artist Marco Siciliano on the occasion of his solo Vergissmeinnicht (Forget me not) and the release of his artist book at Hošek Contemporary in Berlin. Superfluo goes beyond physical and national boundaries to promote Siciliano poetics through digital content, an artwork created ad hoc by the artist and brought to life by the collective, and through key moments of exchange and connection between the two cities. Bello Bellissimo // Marco Siciliano is not just a physical and digital exhibition, but a production process curated by Superfluo to guide the viewer through the artist’s imagination.

Vergissmeinnicht takes its form from the sick body because of the loss of sense of the hero of Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando furioso. Orlando’s madness is the pretext for the bodily manifestation of interior unhappiness, sometimes even unconsciously. In the chivalrous poem, the protagonist’s sense, as well as health, is recovered by Astolfo on the moon, a place where all the objects that got lost on earth are magically transported and stocked up. Siciliano transforms Hošek Contemporary into a lunar environment where it is possible to discover new constellations starting from the coordinates of the findings of lost patches in Milan as told in his book. The luminous points rewrite the methods of discovery and the understanding of our body by superimposing themselves on the zodiacal man: an image that since ancient times has been used to express the concept of “cosmic sympathy”, it displays man as a microcosm in which nature and the entire structure of the universe are reflected. In this collaboration with Luca Longobardi, the new stars will resonate in the Berlin space. Vergissmeinnicht is an immersive journey of an unhealthy body that reaches the Moon to find meaning and discovering itself, reveals all psychosomatic pain and then never forgets oneself.

Unlike the previous exhibitions, Bello Bellissimo // Marco Siciliano is directly linked with the exhibition in Berlin. As Astolfo looks at the earth from the Moon, exactly like in Berlin it is possible to see Milan, all the places from where objects have been lost and where they can get attributed a different value to them all thanks to the distance. The lost patch represents a medical residue, a superfluous object, which is hardly noticeable in the city traffic, but the artist has decided to enhance it to the point of turning it into a star. Superfluo is not just an exhibition space, but also the setting for a show in which the viewer is guided to discover the Siciliano imagination and poets. Through contents curated by Superfluo and created in collaboration with the artist, his creative process is manifested by highlighting the key elements to understand both Vergissmeinnicht and his entire production. Making itself as an amplifier of physical events taking place elsewhere, Superfluo also becomes a place to support the artist’s creative process. 

Opening 27 April 2021 from 3.00 pm
April 27 – May 22, 2021
Via Francesco Reina 9, Milan


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