LOOK AT ME is a format of 3 exhibitions (Curated by Sara van Bussel, Art direction by Manuela Nobile) that reflects on the body, the freedom of artistic expression and the world of the night through the experimentation and insertion of contemporary art in unconventional places. The focus of the exhibition follows the thread explored during the first edition: the attention is placed on the body, on the freedom of artistic expression and the exploration of unconventional places, only this time not in relation to erotic-aesthetic pleasure but to movement. 

Through the elaboration of contemporary dance performances LOOK AT ME vol. II aims to underline the fundamental essentiality of the physical body: both artistic interventions, formulated by Cult of Magic and BAROKTHEGREAT, are articulated on the repetition of gestures and sequences that gradually intensify and speed up, reaching exhaustion and fatigue, in a crescendo that is control and abandonment at the same time. Rhythm and repetition mark here a physical exercise that focuses on the importance of the flesh and prompt questions concerning the propriety of our bodies, condensing into two performances with a very strong visual character that will then mingle with the public, in order to experience the night together. 

The project aims to bring the paradigms between contemporary art and nightlife closer together, through a free interpretation of movement and electronic music, emphasizing the body as a central element, an essential presence of artists as of all of us.


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