Spazio Gamma presents Re_g(u)ard_e, a multi-media exhibition with new works by Matthew Attard, Meloe Gennai (in collaboration with R. Kouto and J. A Santschi), Stefano Non and the involvement of Sergio Giusti who presents some unpublished narrative texts. 

The exhibition, curated by Irene Biolchini and Sofia Baldi, will be open from 24 March until 19 May 2022 in via Pastrengo 7 in Milan. 

Re_g(u)ard_e plays with the term guarde (intended as custodian/guardian), the English verb regard (to consider) and the French verb regarde (to look), trying to unhinge the limits of the visual and the too frequent association between gaze and judgment.

Matthew Attard (Malta, 1987) presents My passport, a site-specific installation for the entrance window of Spazio Gamma, obscured by the presence of two black films that allow the passage of internal light only through small holes. The distorted image was created by the artist by recording the movement that his eyes make when looking at his passport. An instrument of control and bureaucratic registration becomes the device through which to rethink one’s identity. On this occasion Attard also presents the Italian premiere of Super imposed eye-drawings, a video originally produced in September 2021. The artist reappropriates the colonial symbols of power of Valletta’s Castille Square: an eye-tracking device records the movements of his eye, redrawing the architecture and monuments of the square. The final result is neither a map nor a rendering, but a possible representation of space through the presence and the testimony of looking. 

Meloe Gennai (1986) will present the performance Tavole Giranti with the collaboration of Jazil Santschi (sound design) and Rafael Kouto (fashion design). It will be an attempt to connect and honor ancestors, ghost writers, and muses. The questions being asked are: “How do we honor the invisible forces necessary to write? What if everything were to be turned upside down? Would ghosts take over?” This performance-intrinsically decolonial, queer, transfeminist, and pro-witchcraft-is an attempt to connect to spirits. 

Le custodi dell’infinito is a multimedia installation by Stefano Non (Lodi, 1984), who wishes to focus on the connection between the act of looking as a form of infinite care and the possibility of transforming care into a human language and therefore as a poetic act. With his work, the artist underlines the physical and symbolic importance of love which – in opposition to the technological determinism of society – defines the human being as such. In a society that debates the limits of anthropocentrism every day, the artist brings new values of awareness back to the center.


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