BeAdvisors Art Department and Golab Agency presents The vision through (29th March – 26th April), a special project by Flavia Albu curated by Marta Orsola Sironi. On the occasion of the Milan Art Week 2022 in the halls of via Fatebenefratelli 5, a series of works of the Milanese artist will be set up, which has never been exhibited in its entirety. The exhibition analyzes the processes of creation and vision of the image.

Despite the use of different media, there is an underlying homogeneity in Flavia Albu’s production. The investigation of structural elements of painting allows her to reflect on the processes of generation of the work. In this way, she examines themes
important to the history of Western art, such as representation, vision, and method.

Approaching different visual references: pictorial typologies, and media, Flavia Albu questions the filter of the dynamics that come between and interfere in our vision of the world, starting from the painting device and its declinations.

The Curtains series, which began during the artist’s residency at Griffin Gallery in London, runs through Albu’s entire production from 2017 to the present, accompanying the other research of cycles. The curtain is a metaphor for painting and indicates the support of the work itself, the canvas by metonymy. It is, moreover, the visual presentation of the filter, of that element that at the same time hinders and opens the space of vision: the veil that by unveiling reveals. Together presented with other works by Flavia Albu are similar questions of the dynamics of vision and the relationship between aleatory and intentionality of the artistic gesture.

The vision through is a special project of the artist and proposes for the first time in its completeness the unfinished series that had accompanied her for years.


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